hello! i wouldn't want to start this prompt off by apologizing for the lack of art... so rather, i'd say that i finally deleted my instagram, whoo! i want to work on this site more. there's a world after social media and after technology, too. but if i'm still here why not make better internet habits? anywho, many can get lost within it, and lose sight of many important things such as love & kindness. & that is something i will continue to deepen my relationship with... please do remember to be kind, yes?

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the gallery has been added! the sudden push was from the absurd surge of transmisogyny by users & staff on tumblr so i wanted my other pages updated in solidarity with all of the trans women who are being banned & forced off from the site. i'll also be making a cohost, since i'll be deleting my tumblr. this situation is frustrating, as i've seen it before with black bloggers. i love my trans sisters so much.

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if you've seen my cohost... you know that me & my sister need money to move out. i'm opening up PWYW commissions to help us put money towards that. you can message me on cohost, or through email here.

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